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Daily Archive for July 23rd, 2008

And why not elsewhere? It is a popular question. A recent paper sheds additional light: This paper sets out to test, with a formal computational general equilibrium (CGE) model, the role of trade with the New World, and trade itself, in explaining the growth of productivity and income in¬† Industrial Revolution Britain. We find, to […]

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The Best Bar in America

I believe it’s the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Sante Fe, NM. Be that as it may, my brother Andrew¬†will be playing the lead in an eponymous movie. In July, they’ll begin shooting their first full-length feature film titled “The Best Bar in America.” The brothers describe the Montana-based adventure-comedy about three men who travel […]

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Quote of the Day

Someone should remind him that capitalism without failure is like religion without sin. That’s Gerry O’Driscoll on the Fannie and Freddie fiasco.

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Homeownership and Unemployment Rates

Professor Andrew Oswald of the University of Warwick wrote a paper that was prominently featured in Steven Landsburg’s latest book, More Sex is Safer Sex. Oswald noticed that around the world, home ownership rates and unemployment rates have a strong positive relationship (he in fact believes that home ownership causes unemployment). Read the chapter for […]

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