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Daily Archive for January 13th, 2009

You Decide

Brad DeLong calls anyone who questions the fiscal stimulus on any grounds to be a partisan, unethical, Republican hack. Then I read this.

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Suffering No Illusions

Stronger opposition came from Democrats, who dismissed the $3,000 credit to employers for every job created or saved as ripe for abuse and difficult to administer. Oh, but an $800 billion stimulus package and a $3 trillion budget of funds that are not yours to begin with are immune to such issues.  Read more here. […]

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The Treasury once estimated that roughly nine notes out of every million are counterfeits. Let’s put that in perspective. There is roughly $1 trillion in US currency floating around out there. This would seem to indicate that about $9 million worth of the notes in circulation are in fact fraudulent. Let’s see about “official” counterfeiting […]

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