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Daily Archive for March 19th, 2009


I guess we now know why GM does not need additional bailout funds this month, they are getting it through their suppliers. So not the automakers are getting help on FIVE fronts: Direct government bailout money Cheap access to credit via their finance companies such as GMAC Bailout funds for their parts suppliers Government guarantees […]

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This in today’s news: The head of Kellogg Co., the world’s largest cereal maker, planned to urge Congress on Thursday to revamp how the government polices his industry. Kellogg lost $70 million in the recent salmonella outbreak, after it had to recall millions of packages of peanut butter crackers and cookies. Chief executive David Mackay […]

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The Rule

From Paul Jacob at Common Sense: The town of Union, New York, is slated to receive almost $600,000 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Why? To combat homelessness. Problem? There isn’t one — that is, there isn’t a homeless problem in Union. Yep, I am sure this is just a minor oversight, a […]

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