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Daily Archive for June 1st, 2010

Tax the Vintners!

Orley Ashenfelter and Karl Storchmann find that German vintners would enjoy a 30% increase in revenues if temperatures increased by 1 degree Celsius. They must be secretly pumping lots of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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David Cutler asks this excellent question. His answer: I identify two factors as being particularly important in organizational stagnation: public insurance programs that are oriented to volume of care and not value, and inadequate information about quality of care. Recent reforms have aspects that bear on these problems. Not once in the 43 pages of […]

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I’m Not Planning on It

Just got my social security update in the mail today. It tells me that if I keep working and “contributing” like I am now until age 70, my monthly payment would be $2,922 per month, or $35,000 per year. That of course would be taxable income to me, so it would be like getting something […]

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