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Daily Archive for June 12th, 2010

In Governor Patterson’s budget for this year, he included included a $778,000 budget item to fund the purchase of two, double-wide trailer units. The trailers would be used at a state correctional facility for “conjugal visits” between inmates and visitors. Someone remind me again why anyone in the political class deserves to be taken seriously?

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End the FDA Now

From Alex Tabarrok: The Food and Drug Administration on Friday ordered five companies that offer genome-sequencing tests to consumers, or that provide the scientific services for them, to prove the validity of such products. The FDA said the tests, which scan a person’s DNA for gene variants associated with specific diseases, are medical devices requiring […]

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Quotes for the Weekend

Here is the first: (The wants of the poor) would be prudent to relieve, but folly to cure. Bernard Mandeville (1723) Here is the second: It is a very singular government in which every member of the administration wishes to get out of the country … as soon as he can, and to whose interest, […]

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