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January 31, 2011 Paternalism

the bath salts. I read this as I was trying to take two wimpy Sudafeds. Here is the last entry in the series. If Chuck gets his way, we’ll ban the salts, and then the burnouts will turn to some other household item to snort … and then after that one gets banned, they’ll move to another. What do you propose Chuck?

HT: per usual to Chris M. though at this point I am not sure I should be thanking him for contributing to high blood pressure. Now that I think about it, shouldn’t we be “nudging” people to stop consuming this sort of ridiculous news because it is bad for their own well being? And wouldn’t any serious attempt to put us all in the same insurance pool require a monitoring of stress and anxiety? Thanks a lot there Chris!

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  1. LOL, knew you would love that story! 🙂

  2. I heard Chuck was laid up in a wheelchair and did not want his picture taken. This has to be a photography first.

    Now, I mean no ill feelings for anyone in wheelchairs, and I hope Chuck’s infirmity is temporary. Indeed, I hope he can enjoy a soothing bath.

  3. Schumer: ‘We have 3 branches of gov’t — A House, a Senate, a President’…

  4. At least Al Shanker, in Wintercow’s previous post, lays his cards face up on the table, not something Chuckles is prone to do.

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