In Which I am Once Again Removed from Polite Company
April 9, 2011 Economic Illiteracy

I am exaggerating the student response here, because this fine student very much respected this possibility.

STUDENT to ME: “I am writing a paper on pit-bulls.”

ME: “Interesting, what is the focus of the paper?”

STUDENT: “I am asking about the impacts of banning the breeding and sale of pitbulls being contemplated by some states and localities.”

ME: “Can you explain what is giving rise to this movement?”

STUDENT: “Of course, pit bulls (whether because of their owners or the breed itself, I do not know) are violent and are known to attack people.”

ME: “Banning pit bulls? It’s not clear to me that there are ENOUGH pit bull attacks!”

Kudos to students who can explain why I might have said such a thing.

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  1. if pitbulls are employed to protect property, more attacks reduces incentive to commit theft. theft is costly. less theft due to more pit bull attacks could be a social gain.

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