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April 27, 2011 Economic Illiteracy

I love how they mangle article titles. It was supposed to be “Economic Illiteracy.” The comments are great.

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  1. One of the funny things about the movie “A Beautiful Mind” is that the solution presented was not a Nash equilibrium solution. Concerning economic illeteracy (ha-ha), I wonder if a big issue is that we focus on Keynesian econ, which really isn’t the best of economics. That can lead to confusion of what cost is, and I just hate how we use an accounting equation as growth theory (i.e. just add more G!).

  2. Hey, Mike, this is the price of fame.

    Your loyal readers want an autographed copy of your first best-seller.

  3. By the way, how come the uptick in the price of gold in your chart after Ben’s press conference? Was this a moment of enlightenment for Princeton economics students, or just yours?

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