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Daily Archive for June 3rd, 2011

The Bad Samaritans

Via Coyote, the whole article has to be supplied. Look at the last sentence too: For a few years, Mike Haegeā€™s sister lived in north Minneapolis. He knows the neighborhood at least a little bit, and when a tornado tore through the area on Sunday, May 22, he took notice. On the news he saw […]

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In this week’s edition of “Health Care is Not About Health Care,” Megan McArdle describes another surprising ObamaCare outcome: (ObamaCare’s high risk pools) signed up just 18,000 people as of March … It was estimated by Medicare’s Chief Actuary that around 400,000 would sign up … What are the requirements for getting into those high […]

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Raising the Iron and Steel Curtain

Iron and steel production is thought to be one of the least environmentally friendly industries going. A major reason for this view is that the production of these metals from raw material is extremely energy intensive, aside from the other emissions coming from the production process. The following image, from a Steel Industry Trade group […]

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