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That’s what the health debate is devolving into now. I really do. Now there are discussions if the SCOTUS strikes down the law that it will be a slow, gut-wrenching creep over the next decade to a single-payer-like government system where almost everyone is on an expanded Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP program. That’s because no party will dare make real reform efforts to expand coverage in the next few election cycles. And on top of that, I am seeing a lot of, “hey, this is more than just blog-bluster, this is serious, and this ain’t the time for partisan gloating” – which of course makes me ill. As if there are not some of us out here in the world that propose that deregulating the health system is eminently doable and will expand coverage, and as if there are not some of us our here in the world that think the “getting 30 million more people covered” is not going to correlate very well with, “better lives for 30 million people.”

Now that the ACA seems to be in Constitutional jeopardy, I really like to see how the debate has changed. I personally think that the law will be upheld, so this is all moot anyway.

By the way, here’s a thought: what has happened to the share of the American population without insurance over the last 80 years? Here’s a better one: imagine a world of pretty crazy entrepreneurship, can you imagine a world where health insurance is not even necessary? Would we be required to insure everybody then?

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  1. chuck martel says:

    Eminent physician, medical school dean, New England Journal of Medicine editor and popular essayist Lewis Thomas had this to say about health care in 1976: http://nailheadtom.blogspot.com/2010/09/lewis-thomas-talks-about-health-care.html

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