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Daily Archive for January 28th, 2013

Natural Gas Saves Lives

If one were to examine the direct health impacts of drilling for and burning natural gas, in a vacuum, you may be led to conclude that it is harmful. It does release some greenhouse gases and the process of getting the gas involves diesel fuel trucks and generators and perhaps some chemicals. But of course, […]

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Country Club U

Here is a new research finding: College as Country Club: Do Colleges Cater to Students’Preferences for Consumption? by Brian Jacob, Brian McCall, Kevin M. Stange  –  #18745 (CH ED LS) This paper investigates whether demand-side market pressure explains colleges’ decisions to provide consumption amenities to their students.  We estimate a discrete choice model of college demand using micro […]

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Naked Ladies on $100 Bills

Well, sometimes I need a title to induce you to read the posts. Economists spend a gloriously large amount of their time explaining to people that theories that leave “cash on the table” are not likely candidates to explain interesting economic phenomenon. In other words, if your explanation for an interesting puzzle leaves an opportunity […]

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