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February 22, 2013 Flotsam and Jetsam

That’s my brother:

Best Bar


It should be coming out shortly.

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  1. I take it this is not the same brother who works for S&P.

    Top billing over Dan Ackroyd.

  2. Glad to see at least one Rizzo is saving the planet by driving thousands of miles on a motorcycle and consuming lots of ethanol, supporting Iowa corn growers. Bet he adds gas treatment into each tankful of unleaded to keep that engine running.

  3. How do I tweet this, Mike? Can I include TUW in the tweet to get the outlaws interested in classical economics?

  4. One of our vets rode a bike very similar to that one, with a side car holding large animal supplies and equipment for midnight breach births, including parachute cords to loop around the hooves of the baby calves. (No, “baby calves is not redundant . You would tie the other end to a corner post in the stall, and then use leverage pressing the center of the cord to pull the calf out firmly, strongly, but gently before it suffocated.

    On one occasion after a calf was born, the vet asked me what four words in English end in “dous”. The first three are easy — horrendous, tremendous, and stupendous. I will send WC the money to buy a round of coffee from the Great Slave Lake Canadians in Rochester for the first person who comes up with the next -dous word. There is only one, to my knowledge.

    In any event, my vet drove a cool BMW before BMW’s were cool. His name was John Patt.

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