Awesome – The Northern Lights Over Whiteface Mountain
May 25, 2013 Environment

We’re headed for a backpacking trip near here sometime in the next week. My one and only time seeing the northern lights was on a nighttime boat ride in Boothbay Harbor about 15 years ago. It’s like some great god took a great handful of colored pixie powder and tossed it up into a windy and magnetized sky.

HT to the New York Outdoors blog and photo credit of course to Johnathan Esper.

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  1. Breathtaking!

  2. WC, maybe you are not the one I should ask, but can one see the Northern Lights from an airplane going to Europe? This may be a combo Speedmaster question and my referring to the solar forecast on the link you provided. I know Speedmaster will research this. Thanks for the pic.

  3. ALEX! You are supposed to keep TUW active when WC retreats to his mountain lake.

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