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Daily Archive for September 9th, 2014

More Science from the HuffPo

Just as I finished looking at Krugman’s mature piece, I ran into this doozy: ” The ‘Wall Street Journal’ Parade of Climate Lies” I was quite excited to see what sorts of science was being peddled and interested to see the research to debunk it. But then I noticed the author was none other than Economist Jeff […]

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The Huffpo and the minimum wage cheerleaders have now gone off the deep end. If you simply SAY that someone “demolishes” a classic argument, does that make it so? And just look at how uber-sophisticated and intelligent that post is. WHAT classic argument? It’s not like anyone tells us. Is it the classic moral argument […]

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Understanding Risk

Given the choice between having a well-trained medical professional attend to my BASIC medical needs (i.e. not things like heart surgery) or having access to the internet, online medicines, and a professional that was well-trained in statistics and actuarial studies, I would easily choose the latter, If I were to cite evidence for you that […]

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