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The long-term economic and environmental consequences of climate change


The long-term economic and environmental consequences of climate activists

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4 Responses to “Which is More Dangerous Threat?”

  1. Harry says:

    Maybe your readers think that’s too easy a question, WC. Even if one of your readers were Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Senator, he would think it’s too easy, and that’s a problem.

    On another matter, we look forward to Zach’s first contribution, which could be about wheat prices. He does not have to wait until he has composed his critique of pure reason.

  2. Harry says:

    WC, one can appreciate this is a busy time of year, giving papers and exams and correcting them, holding extended office hours, and preparing for the next round of classes, etc., all the while devoting time to one’s herd, who have to be fed, clipped and curried, and, at least for the females over 22 months old, let out in the barnyard to catch heats.

    One also appreciate the demands on Zach who also might have to correct papers, etc. As Junior Herd Sire, he has to be prepared to deal with the heifers and two-year-olds, if only to provide hybrid vigor to some of the calves yet to be born.

    This is a roundabout way of saying I am not complaining.

    What I wonder about is whether people feel intimidated from writing anything because of fear of people watching, especially in their own politically correct academic community. I am sure at the U of R there are some people monitoring your blog to find some blasphemy.

    All of your readers are not students and professors, of course. Looking on your map, many are from countries where English might not be their first language and therefore might not risk asking a single question.

    I am not sure whether you would have any way of determining whether this fear exists. I try to limit my own posts to something I know about and have the time to do it on my phone most of the time.

  3. Harry says:

    There you go, Bejing, China, on your map. Does that mean the ChiComs are monitoring TUW and making a list?

  4. Harry says:

    Where’s Zach, WC? Did you get raided?

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