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Daily Archive for July 19th, 2010

This via Greg Mankiw: Billy Raye, a 51-year-old unemployed bike courier, is looking for work. Fortunately for him, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters is seeking paid demonstrators to march and chant in its current picket line outside the McPherson Building, an office complex here where the council says work is being done with nonunion […]

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Nothing to See Here

OK, I lied about taking a complete hiatus. Here is a new research paper on how competition between hospitals in England impacts health outcomes (and do note that the starting point here is that there was no/little competition before the reform). The effect of competition on the quality of health care remains a contested issue.  […]

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Rearing His Ugly Head

Reposted from 2005. This New York Times article details how thousands of government entities face mountains of unfunded liabilities due to their promising free (or nearly free) health care to millions of workers upon retirement. Governments simply do not have the resources to make good on these promises. I suspect that many people are inclined […]

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