Chicago Blue
July 9, 2011 Government Gone Wild

Just another day of the cops protecting the people:

And what happened to this cop? 250 pound Anthony Abbate beats the daylights out of a 125 pound female bartender because she refused to serve him due to his drunkenness? He got a slap on the wrist. And oh yeah, the video forgets to tell us that he already had a DUI arrest AND he beat a man to death who was in his custody while he was on the clock as a police officer.

UPDATE: I am told he has finally been relieved of his duties.

Why are these guys held in such high esteem? What if a regular Joe was caught on camera doing this?

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  2. It’s a good thing Murray Rothbard was not in that bar.

  3. UPDATE: Abbate asks for his job back, wanting a “second chance.”

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