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In this week’s dose of fatuity, we are alerted to the Union of Concerned Scientists voting a winner of the political cartoon of the year.

By Isabella Bannerman, 2012

Classy! You know the world has gone mad when “Scientists” are using verbal attacks rather than using science to attack critics. But that’s about all they’ve got. It’s certainly all we have here at the U of R. Ask any “warmist” on your campus what, exactly, “denialists” are actually denying … and you’ll get our favorite response.

And if you’d like even more earth-shattering science, you can click through to this one too. It is a link to a video showing just how much and how rapidly New Yorkers emit CO2. Even IF you suppose that CO2 is toxic and devastating to nature, showing the massive “footprint” of CO2 emissions in NYC is so wildly misleading that … well, I can’t think of an apt analogy. It’s like an intro chemistry student not knowing that H2O is water. The carbon footprint per person in NYC has got to be among the lowest in the United States. “Everybody knows” cities are green, they certainly seem to be greener than non-cities. You’d think a post on a “Green” website would at least put that out there as a caveat, no? Instead we get the idea that someone NYC is destroying the planet or that the city itself is doomed because it will soon be buried in a giant can of Seltzer. Pointing to the massive emissions in NYC is like a greenie pointing to a bus and calling it “dirty” because that bus has a carbon footprint far larger than a typical automobile.

But that sort of ignorance is par for the course. You can imagine why this happens, and happens so frequently on college campuses. Have a nice weekend.

3 Responses to “Saturday “Seriousness””

  1. Harry says:

    So true, WC. If one’s world is limited to thirty miles on either side of the Metroliner, plus what one sees on CSI and The Good Wife, you would think the world was nearing disaster, even though the air along the New Jersey Turnpike is much easier to breathe than 50 years ago.

    Part of the alarmism is fed by grade-school exercises (indoctrination?) in figuring one’s family’s carbon footprint and how mommy and daddy could save the planet by recycling their wine bottles. Then cartoons drawn by Concerned Scientists (who do not want their neighboring farmer to spoil their view with a wellhead in the hay field next to their half-acre back yard) are a reasonable substitute for scientific reasoning.

  2. Harry says:

    My reaction to that video is: so that’s all that those metric tons of CO2 look like?

  3. Speedmaster says:

    Sadly that is what often passes for adult commentary and “science” these days.

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