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Daily Archive for February 12th, 2010

Then Give Me the Finger Too

Arnold Kling talks about something I am very familiar with: from Ed Kilgore, of the Progressive Policy Institute. Certainly, few self-conscious libertarians have much tolerance for racism, but they are encouraging a point of view about “welfare” that has long been catnip to racists. And that’s a problem for liberals. How can an alliance last […]

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When You Have Cancer

The best solution is not always to “just watch it” though there are probably cases where that is necessary. The report bluntly concludes that neither DeFleur and nor Thirer “reacted with sufficient objectivity and self-inquiry when faced with growing concerns from the [America East Conference] and its member institutions regarding the direction of [Binghamton’s] men’s […]

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Remembering Julian Simon

While many celebrate the life of Abraham Lincoln today, I celebrate the wonderful life of Julian Simon – the economist I have learned the most from, and the one I never heard a thing about in my 4 years as an undergraduate or 5 years as a graduate economic student. Here is an excerpt from […]

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