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Daily Archive for August 18th, 2011

You Just Cannot Make This Stuff Up

A loyal follower links to this story: Natural gas drilling spreads STD among ‘womenfolk’ Yes, I am sure that the rough women of Pennsylvania mount the drilling rigs to get their groove on. Lord knows what they did before the rigs arrived. Now of course our dearly elected representative did not mean that. But let’s […]

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Directive 10-289

I have spent this morning learning about the energy crisis in California that occurred about a decade ago. You should all have the pleasure. The summary is, not surprisingly that in 1996 the state of California “deregulated” the electricity sector by allowing wholesale electricity prices to fluctuate and then slapping price controls on the retail […]

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There is an advocacy group out there known as the Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration. As I’ve said before, “E”nvironmentalists don’t have problems with fossil fuel use, that entire notion is a hoax. Their real problem is with energy qua energy and nothing else. It is energy that enables the “capitalist machine” to keep chugging alone. […]

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