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Daily Archive for November 5th, 2014

Ken at Popehat has the story. In addition to some basic civil knowledge one might reasonably expect mainstreamed fifth-graders to possess, liberty also requires at least primitive-hominid-level common sense, confirmed Trent. “This guy says critics are criminals, gets no result because of the rule of law and a hundred years of unbroken constitutional tradition, and thenwhines because […]

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Politics as a Food Truck Rodeo

Nick Gillespie has a nice article claiming that neither the Team Nike nor Team Reebok parties have much of a future and that is because the technological trends toward decentralization are making much of their current platforms irrelevant. Go read the piece. But if there is an iron law of political and economic commentary is that […]

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Global Fuel Subsidies

Lucas Davis has estimated the economic cost of global fuel subsidies. It’s a short and easy to read paper and I think as valuable as any complex paper written in economics. He is estimating only a portion of the economic cost of fossil fuel policy – asking what the “dead weight loss” is due to […]

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