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Were I a bit more clever, witty and inclined to make a living by writing, I think I could sell a decent number of books with the title, “Driving Oneself Crazy: Obsessing About Economics from Behind the Wheel of a Car” or something to that effect. Maybe that’s a short project worth pursuing with an […]

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Sam Peltzman wrote of this 40 years ago. Liberal economist Larry Summers wrote about it 20 years ago. The paradox is quite simple. Suppose the government provides universal free services, such as education, of modest or even good quality. Many people would rationally find it optimal to consume the “free” product than to pay higher […]

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I Drive a Ford Expedition

Admitting such might get me uninvited to some parties locally, but it is true. But what if I told you it gets 64 miles per gallon, and under the right conditions it gets 96 miles per gallon? You’d say I was drinking motor fuel, but I am not lying. We have a growing family – […]

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