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Living in a society that respects the rule of law makes life much easier to live. The reason for this is that by living according to a fixed and unchanging and non-influenced set of rules, we substantially reduce the “transactions costs” of living (our economic lives in particular). For example, without rules, we would have […]

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In this simply awful article on how health care costs are hurting small businesses, economist Senator Mary Landrieu argues that: Small firms, defined as less than 500 employees, pump almost a trillion dollars into the economy each year, create two-thirds of our nation’s new jobs annually, and account for more than half of America’s work […]

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Dentist Crisis

I don’t remember reading about one. Here is the abstract from a new NBER Working Paper: In this paper we consider how the dental industry responded to the addition of fluoride to public drinking water. We take advantage of he staggered introduction of fluoridation throughout the country to analyze the changes in numbers of within-county […]

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