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If we’re gonna make bumper stickers, then let’s make some bumper stickers. Here is the muse: Roosevelt fed the hysteria by claiming that he possessed a “secret map” showing Nazi plans to conquer South and Central America, as well as secret documents proving that Hitler planned to supplant all existing religions with a Nazi Church […]

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In a series of posts in the coming weeks, I will provide some selected observations on some of history’s “Great Leaders” as described in Ralph Raico’s invaluable revisionist work, Great Wars and Great Leaders. Readers who are interested in catching a glimpse of the reality of the mind and actions of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin […]

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How to Be a Good Economist

Suppose you are a policymaker with clearly specified goals. You determine, with the input of your constituents, that we desire to improve the discipline of Americans, and to have them do a better job of showing up on time. How do you proceed with doing something about this problem? Aside from the obvious start of […]

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