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Alex Armlovich
I'm a fresh graduate of the University of Rochester, a proud advisee and friend of Dr. Rizzo (he hates the honorific therefore I love using it). I'm interested in the intersections of economics, political science, and philosophy. To play with labels and indulge in navel-gazing: I'm a capitalist who worries about consumerism, an environmentalist with concern about bureaucratic planning, an urbanist with reservations about municipal planning, a Rawlsian circumscribed by Hayek (a Hayekian inspired by Rawls?), and a preference utilitarian who privately harbors hopes that positive psychology will develop into something like a metanormative virtue ethics for critiquing utility functions. I enjoy topics in health, environmental and macroeconomics despite my need to pick one; topics in institutions theory and Public Choice, and so on. As a side note, don't overrate the blog's superficial impression. A new reader at a glance would infer we're an anti-Keynesian blog that reveres the Founding Fathers. Hence the repudiation of the broken window fallacy in the title and the picture of the Founding Fathers in the heading. I like the Founding Fathers and I think spending should always avoid breaking windows in the name of stimulus, but those aren't my defining characteristics.

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