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  1. My teaching pages
  2. Recommended (required?) reading
  3. PhD Study Preparation
  4. 100 (should it be 101?) “best” blogs for economics students.
  5. Career resources for economics majors
  6. Critical evaluation of economic (il)literacy
  7. Prediction markets
  8. Economics myths (just starting to work on this)
  9. Economic aphorisms (coming soon)
  10. Famous economics majors
  11. Undergraduate economics publications – don’t be afraid to write!
  12. Economics tutorials and simulations
  13. Research resources for undergrads (try this new one)

9 Responses to “Students”

  1. Aloha Mike…

    Please give me a call: 310.463.6303.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Leo F says:

    Nov 8 (Reuters) – New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday ordered the rationing of gasoline due to a severe shortage caused by Superstorm Sandy.
    Based on license plate numbers ending in odd or even numbers, drivers will be allowed to buy gasoline on alternating days, Bloomberg announced at a briefing. Licenses ending in a letter are eligible to buy gas on odd-numbered days.

    •Ads on Craigslist for gasoline at $15/gallon have been removed and labeled illegal. If only there was some way to efficiently match the limited supply of gasoline with the aggregate demand of all customers in the New York area! If only humanity had developed some means for people to voluntarily consume a socially optimal amount of fuel. Unfortunately no such means of allocation is known to Michael Bloomberg, the leading provider of real-time price data to the financial markets of the planet.

    -Leo Fridley
    Rochester Econ ’11

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