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Remembering Julian Simon

While many celebrate the life of Abraham Lincoln today, I celebrate the wonderful life of Julian Simon – the economist I have learned the most from, and the one I never heard a thing about in my 4 years as an undergraduate or 5 years as a graduate economic student. Here is an excerpt from […]

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Maybe it’s not a marble-sized balloon after all? BP finds another new oil source. A 20%-30% recovery rate, which would be typical for this kind of field, would imply recoverable reserves of 600 million to 900 million barrels of oil equivalent, said Mr. Hutton. … The Tiber well, 250 miles southeast of Houston, Texas, is […]

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Weekend at the Museum

That was in the gift shop. A little earlier I finished reading the following placquard: “The slash-and-burn agricultural practice of these early ____ meant they had to move their villages every 15 to 25 years to find fresh sources of fertile soil, firewood, and game. This has made it difficult to arrive ata definite sequence […]

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