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A colleage of mine was flamed by a friend after he criticized the following “news article” for reading more like an editorial. I think the following exchange is illuminating. And you would be correct to assume that I have yet to receive any response whatsoever from Mr. A.

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The following is my editing, rewriting and excerpting various portions of a 1995 publication by my colleague Walker Todd entitled, “The Federal Reserve and the Rise of the Corporate State.”  Many of the issues that had been at the forefront of Anglo-American constitutional and economic debates from the time of Francis Bacon (early 17th century) onward were […]

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Lost Lunch

Just about finished with David Cay Johnston’s “Free Lunch.” It is a book that claims to be a tell all about how the wealthiest Americans enrich themselves at government expense and how the little guy gets stuck holding the check at the end of the day. Indeed, there are several chapters that tell eye-popping stories […]

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