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The Climategate e-mails are simply breathtaking. Let me show you one more below, but please do note that I could explain this away by saying that if one believes long term warming will doom us if we do not do anything today, and that temporary cooling will forestall efforts to do something, one might reasonably […]

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But It’s NOT About Lighting Silly

Howard Brandston tells the emperor he has no clothes on: “If energy conservation were to be the sole goal of energy policy, and efficacy were to be the sole technical consideration, then why CFLs? If we really want to save energy, we would advocate high-pressure sodium lamps—those large bulbs that produce bright orangish light in […]

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Many claim that environmentalism is good business. This paper suggests that this is not the case. I am sure it will be accused of focusing on short-term effects only and all sorts of other sordid things. But its findings need to be considered seriously.

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