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I’ve done a back of the envelope calculation that since I graduated from college, the combination of my employers’ and my contributions to health insurance premiums, assuming a 5% market rate of interest, have a current value of about $197,000. I’ve also estimated that in that time, I’ve spent (on the extremely aggressive side) about […]

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Fido vs. Gecko

I noticed recently that Progressive is offering customers free insurance for their dogs if they sign up for auto insurance with the company. The insurance I imagine pertains only to injuries that dogs might sustain while in the car of their owners. Why might Progressive offer this benefit to their customers? Insurance markets are characterized […]

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How many of you are factoring in Social Security income in your retirement plans? My family is expecting zilch, and we are saving accordingly. I would gladly argue that the Ponzi scheme known as “Social Security” has little chance of being anything near useful by the time Gen X (or is it Y … which […]

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