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Vacation! Well, sort of. Rachel and I are taking a working vacation to Newport, RI for the next 10 days. I am sure to have lots to say about things that don’t stink when I return (and probably lots to say about things that do too).

So I bid you adieu for a while – in the meantime, I can’t stop thinking about how great paper towels are. My smallest dog had a small accident near the door – and I wiped it up and threw it away. My daughter had a sneezing fit while I was feeding her beets – and a simple wet paper towel later and both she and the high chair were cleaned. I had no laundry to do. Isn’t it just awful that some greedy company is trying to make a buck by selling (or should I say exploiting) me such cheap consumer goods like paper towels? My family probably buys a large package per month. Years ago, when times were surely better, families never bought paper towels – they didn’t exist. Gosh, what a crass, soul-less consumerist culture we have become. Wouldn’t it be better if my wife had to use one of the real towels we owned to wipe up the mess, and then spend 25 minutes cleaning it and waiting for it to dry so she can use it for other purposes?

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