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Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite holiday is upon us. It is my favorite for two reasons. First and foremost – we live in an extraordinarily wealthy and relatively free society, which means our level of security in the United States is unimaginably high compared to what our predecessors experienced. Second, the holiday celebrates the importance of property rights in America – and is the first repudiation of the perils of socialism in the Western world. Here is a classic piece from FEE commemorating this wonderful day. Oh yeah, and one more thing – how many of us called up our grocery stores and told them how much stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, etc. we would need? How many grocery stores have run out of these and other related items? Then ask yourself if this would be possible if grocers operated not by being greedy, but instead because they loved each and every one of their customers. There’d be little to be thankful for.

Hope your turkey (of tofutti) is yummy!

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