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Happy May Day

Have your day. Then think about this:

Welcome to Catallarchy’s annual Day of Remembrance. Contrary to the promises of ideology, nations whose governments pledged to create a workers’ paradise usually became places of rampant slave labor. The plight of the less fortunate became even less fortunate. Today, we chronicle a small part of their lives.

How Many Did Stalin Really Murder? by guest writer Professor R. J. Rummel

A Forgotten Odyssey by guest writer Romuald Lipinski

The Road To Hell Was Paved With Bad Intentions by guest writer Professor Bryan Caplan

A Different Kind of Soviet Labor Camp: Solzhenitsyn’s The First Circle by guest writer Clara

In The Proletariat’s Paradise by guest writer Romuald Lipinski

The Berlin Wall by Randall McElroy

Trofim Lysenko: Ideology, Power, and the Destruction of Science by Matt McIntosh

The Treatment Of Homosexuals Under Communism by Rainbough Phillips

Re-Education In Vietnam by Jonathan Wilde

The Winter War by Randall McElroy

Remembrance by Jonathan Wilde

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