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Let’s ignore for the moment the morality, fiscal responsibility and success probability (my article on this will post shortly) of Hilary’s proposed universal health care plan.  Read down to the end of the article to hear how Republican candidate Mitt Romney assails the proposal:

Republican Mitt Romney, in New York City for a fundraising stop, criticized Clinton’s proposal, saying, “‘Hillary care’ continues to be bad medicine … in her plan, we have Washington-managed health care. Fundamentally, she takes her inspiration from European bureaucracies.”

Umm … but Hilary’s plan is IDENTICAL to the plan Romney pushed through in Massachusetts and is proudly claiming as a bi-partisan success story. I’m no fan of Hilary, but Mr. Romney has no right to attack her on these grounds. Typical hypocritical buffoon of a politician.

UPDATE: Mr. Romney defends his comments.

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