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First they steal our jobs, then they try to poison us and kill our children


U.S. regulators are recalling about one million Chinese-made baby cribs, branded Simplicity and Graco, after the cribs were linked to at least two infant deaths. In both deaths, the cribs were assembled incorrectly by consumers. The recall is the latest tied to Chinese manufactured items, and comes amid new focus on the role of faulty product design. Earlier in the day, Mattel issued an extraordinary apology to China over the recall of Chinese-made toys, taking the blame for design flaws and saying it had recalled more lead-tainted toys than justified.

No wonder so many people think capitalism is so awful. A company like Mattel can turn its errors into a crusade against Chinese manufacturers. And when people do not read instructions and improperly assemble cribs, once again it must be the big evil corporations’ faults. Or the Chinese’ fault. Companies like Mattel are merely corporatists dressed up like capitalists, giving capitalism a terrible name.

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