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Even more bizarre and totalitarian in its implications is the often proposed concept of a child’s “right to be wanted.” Apart from the impossibility of using violence to enforce an emotion on someone else, such a criterion would arm outside parties, in practice the State, with the power to determine when “wanting” exists and to seize children from parents who don’t meet that scarcely definable criterion. Thus, Hillary Rodham, of the Children’s Defense Fund, has challenged this criterion: “How should a ‘right to be wanted’ be defined and enforced? . . . The necessarily broad and vague enforcement guidelines could recreate the hazard of current laws, again requiring the State to make broad discretionary judgments about the quality of a child’s life.” Hillary Rodham, “Children Under the Law,” Harvard Educational Review (1973): 496.

That is from Chapter 14 of Murray Rothbard’s, The Ethics of Liberty.

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