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Of course I am. But if anyone wants to know what is wrong with the health care system, and the mentality of people, you should have stayed with me in the hospital and at my home in the days leading up to and following the birth of our new son.

  1. Not once was the question of price raised at the hospital. Not once.

  2. Not once were different medical options for the delivery and recovery laid out to us.

  3. Not once were the prices of different options we chose for ourselves during the delivery offered to us. For example, how much does it cost to take up a delivery room for 20 hours (that’s how long the labor lasted)? We could have started the pitosin 10 hours earlier with the same result, for instance.

  4. Before my child was even born, I had to hand him over to the clutches of the government. The paperwork I was required to fill out had to inform Big Brother that a new subject was entering its hold. Heaven forbid if they did not know about it. He must have a social security card, and his birth certificate has to be filed with the state before I can even see it.

  5. Seems that big brother does not even think parents (this is our second) know how to take care of their children. An in-home nurse was sent to our home two days after we came home; for what reason I am still not sure. I certainly did not want any stranger in my home.

  6. I’ve asked the hospital for an estimate of what the entire birth process cost, and they are unable (unwilling?) to tell me. That’s probably because there are large amounts of cross-subsidies that they are willing to inform us about (e.g. we did not use any pain medication).

Next time you go to the doctor, ask them what something costs and record the look on their face!

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