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Subsidize the Rich!

Presidential candidates are likely to gain lots of popular votes with a class-warfare rhetoric which include proposals to increase taxes only on the richest in society (about $200,000 of income per year). But, these same candidates when in Congress and the Senate simply cannot help but lavishing billions of dollars on tax payers making far more than this! Latest case in point is the approval of the $20 billion farm bill. Some congressmen were brave enough to insert an amendment which would prevent subsidies from going to farmers earning over a lowly $750,000. And even that version of the bill was rejected. The current limit: $2 million per year. I feel sorry for those struggling farmers, especially when land and crop prices are at decades long highs.


Add the farm fiasco to the long list of reverse-Robin Hood perpetuated on Americans … lottery sales, cigarette taxes, and on and on and on.

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