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Superlatives are risky. When Benjamin B. Bolger declared himself the most credentialed person in modern history (The Chronicle, June 20), he was wrong. Mr. Bolger holds 11 advanced degrees. But Michael W. Nicholson has 24.

From today’s Chronicle of Higher Education (gated, alas). Is this life’s noblest pursuit of knowledge or knowledge’s pursuit of life? If Dr(s). Nicholson had attended graduate school consecutively doing one program at a time, and completing in the median time it takes for Humanities doctoral students to finish a PhD, he would have been enrolled in graduate school for 240 consecutive years to accomplish this feat.

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  1. Derek V. says:

    Hey Mike –

    Hilarious post. I actually had Ben as a TA when I took American Foreign Policy at Harvard. We should converse about this.


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