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Now 401(k) savings are simply tax shelters for the wealthy. Here’s more. Did I remind my dear readers that if the federal government keeps its promises to future Medicare and Social Security recipients, our national debt would balloon from the current $10 trillion to $50 trillion or even more? The first follows from the second.

One Response to “Can’t You at Least Wait Until 1/19?”

  1. Patrick says:

    Scary indeed.
    Luckily my income/savings combined have gone from $0 to…$0, and my taxes have risen all the way from $0 to $0. I think I’m beating the national average right now, actually.

    I worry about my parents though. And of course eventually I’ll be having to deal with all that crap as well. So the problem better be fixed by that time. Dangnabbit you folks get to work. I can’t even vote, for God’s sake.

    Eh, somehow I get the impression that all these financial woes are just going to be pushed off onto my generation to solve though. Yay us.

    I wish that I could opt out of ever paying for social security, and just not receive the benefits when I’m older. I could invest my money in more intelligent places then the government, I am 100% sure.

    I’m just waiting for Obama to redeem himself with some epicly brilliant foreign policy changes or something. Just leave the economy alone and you’ll be a great president dude!

    Oh yeah, its…November. Ah, well just jumping the gun by…a few months.

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