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Demonstrating of course that the goal of public education is to educate the public…

The June 28, 1998, New York Times reported that 56 percent of Massachusetts’ up-and-coming teachers failed their basic test in reading and writing. This result means that well over half of Massachusetts’ freshly minted college graduates with degrees in education cannot competently read and write.Can you guess the response of the Massachusetts State School Board? They re-graded the tests on a curve so that no more than 44 percent would fail/In short, they cheated. They dishonestly, and for totally self-serving reasons, rigged their system so that its own abject failures would be better masked. But camouflaging a beast that grows larger and uglier by the day is difficult.

As shown by the furor that this episode caused in Massachusetts, Americans are increasingly aware that government education specialists in charge of K-12 government schools are lousy educators. This awareness is prompting parents to act rationally in a way that provides the best evidence yet that education bureaucrats cannot educate namely, more and more parents are homeschooling their children. In 1980 only 10,000 children were schooled at home. Today that figure stands at about one million. This means that fully 2 percent of all children are now homeschooled. And this number continues to grow, even though public education is ‘free.'”

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