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Wells famously remarked, “Advertising is legalized lying.” I wonder what he would think about the government not booking the over $50 trillion in unfunded liabilities in our Medicare and Social Security systems? Every quarter I even get a statement from the SSA telling me how much I am “entitled” to receive upon various changes in my life – most of which I will never see a penny of despite government propaganda to the contrary.

This naturally leads us to another question. Many people think of “capitalism” as a system where corporations slickly manipulate people into “buying” things they don’t really need or want … wouldn’t that be a better characterization of the folks perpetuating the Entitlement Fraud? And should she be allowed to advertise this book?

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  1. Michael says:

    We routinely have advertisements here telling us how great the Missouri system is for selcting judges. Basically, the MO bar (non-partisan, of course) selects three “qualified” candidates for the governor to select and to be approved. The voters can vote on them, but campaining is basically banned, so it’s really hard to know what a judge has done. (No wonder MO is around #1 for eminent domain abuse, and our Chief Justice doesn’t think judicial activism exists.) But it makes me wonder, if the system’s so great, why do we need the advertising to tell us so?

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