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Here is another. You might call this a stupid invention. You might call this unnecessary. But for those of us that have wielded tools a time or two, it seems to be a godsend. I ask you now, would such an invention have taken place if the government decided to take over the research and development of all scientific inventions in this country? Hardly. Would such an invention have taken place if the folks thinking about it believed they would never be able to profit from it?

In a world where we are throwing around trillions of dollars for projects that will never materialize, or if they do will surely not pass any private benefit-cost test, it is easy to overlook the millions of small things that happen every year that continue to make our lives better. My real income is far higher than my salary and benefits suggest that it is. And that is true for every single one of you. Ask your grandfather how he dealt with a stripped screw.

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