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The Rule

From Paul Jacob at Common Sense:

The town of Union, New York, is slated to receive almost $600,000 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Why? To combat homelessness.

Problem? There isn’t one — that is, there isn’t a homeless problem in Union.

Yep, I am sure this is just a minor oversight, a mere mistake, an exceptional circumstance. After all, when you are spending $3.6 trillion of other people’s money, you can’t be expected to know what happens to ALL of it. I mean, it is just $600,000. Now I know the kind of change the Obama folks promised … they are promising to give away the small change from the ginormous spending bills … in meager $600,000 increments. Yeah, that’s it, that’s the change they were talking about.

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  1. Harry Wood says:

    The program is entitled, “More Homeless on the Streets.” Just like More Cops on the Streets, the municipality gets over a half million to employ homeless people doing their job, which includes a mandatory dispensing of two bottles of Thunderbird, a biodegradable liner for the shopping cart, and a (surplus) space blanket from NASA. After two years, the municipality will be required to provide these benefits on its own.

    Hey, Wintercow, how come your students are not required to provide one thoughtless post per three credit hours per week, just to demonstrate their loyalty to their brilliant perfesser? Last I looked, the U of R is not in this year’s bracket.

    Side question: If Geithner resigns soon, will that make the Federal Reserve Notes he has signed have any intrinsic value, as a collectors’ item?

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