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A liquor store in my home state was fined $10,000 for having the audacity to sell …


I learned this just after learning that the NYS Legislature has scratched from the 2010 budget a proposal that would have allowed grocery stores to sell wine. God forbid Wegmans had the ability to sell wine in its stores.

By the way, my favorite part of the article above was this:

the state doesn’t care if wine stores give wine gift bags away, but the moment they try to sell them, it constitutes — according to the State Liquor Authority — running a second business, worthy of a $10,000 fine

How delicious. First of all, I never knew that the “state” had feelings. Who is it exactly that does not care if wine merchants give gift bags away? Is it the huge spirit that lives in the legislative chamber? Is it some document that has feelings, a document that codifies the ideas of that huge spirit we call the “state”? We are ruled by men. not laws or reason. They have a word for that you know. It begins with a t and ends with a y.

Finally of course, and the most ludicrous of all, the “state” doesn’t seem to stop itself from running second and third and more businesses than the one it is empowered to do. The state is particularly adept at racketeering. New York State is probably second or third to Louisiana and Illinois in terms of its reputation for being ethically challenged. How can any legislation be taken seriously in such a place?

4 Responses to “This Week’s Sign of the Economic Apocalypse”

  1. Harry says:

    Not only does Chuck Schumer have feelings, he has appetites, especially when the sun shines on his rock.

    I guess you were lucky, not having spent much time in Pennsylvania, where you have to buy a case of beer, unless you want a six-pack, which you can buy in a licensed hotel. This is the Pennsylvania Dutch way of telling you to take a hike. Could be worse, if you were skiing in Utah.

    I am waiting for one of your students to slam me, to tell me I am an ugly Frenchmen for calling them lazy bastards for their sloth and fat backsides. I throw a cow at them, and fart in their general direction. Do they not know that their professor is not worthy of their contempt or admiration? I show you the bottom of my shoe!

    Sorry, Wintercow. I almost lost it. I do enjoy the comments of your Canadian poster, and the other guy.

    You should be heartened that my friend Pat Toomey has lit a candle under Arlen Specter’s trousers. Pat’s blog is theclubforgrowth.com.

    May your lazy students see the bottom of my shoe again, and may they always pay attention to the words of their wise perfesser! Give ’em Dees or Effs unless they wise up! Let’s see some life out of you lizards!

  2. Reader says:

    Why can’t they sell grocery goods? Do wine shops have special rights in the US, which they need to give up when crossing into the grocery stores domain or something? I mean, no matter how arbitrary, surely there must be a reason behind this?

  3. Viewer says:

    Maybe a liquor store is exempt from food control? Or maybe they get an extra tax reduction for supplying society with this exceptionally valuable service? 😛

  4. Calder says:

    obviously this an absurd law.

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