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Mr. Mottola hopes his new business, Family Hot Dog, will supplement his sagging income as a home contractor. “I’m creating my own stimulus plan,” he says. “I’m not waiting for the president.”

Sadly, this will be riduculed. More sad than that:

“After Jerry and Sandra Mottola ordered a $3,000 hot-dog cart online recently, they discovered that there were only two available locations zoned for the purpose in their hometown of Haverhill, Mass.

One Response to ““I’m Creating My Own Stimulus Plan””

  1. Harry says:

    This spirit is the reason why our country has been so resilient.

    Our local governments often are more pernicious than our higher rulers, proscribing all sorts of stuff. The more I read, the more I appreciate Adams’s caution in the Federalist Papers about the tyranny of the crowd.

    Let’s not let them immanitize the eschaton!

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