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My wife pointed me to this story and the commentary that follows is largely hers:

We didn’t realize that after he had the heart attack no one would want to insure him,” said Vicki. The one bright spot is that Lyle, 64, has qualified for Medicare disability benefits and expects to be getting his card in July.

But for now, the Whites have to pay out of pocket for Lyle’s visits to the cardiologist and his medications. The bills came to about $5,000 last year. That put a strain on their limited budget because they are still making payments on their house and car.

“I never thought when we got to this age that we would be in such a mess,” said Vicki, who has been married to Lyle for 43 years. “We didn’t think we would have a heart attack and it would change our life forever.”

Really – you are in your mid-60s, been married for 40+ years, both working, and you are still making mortgage and car payments? What were you spending all your money on when you were healthy? And you never thought you would get ill when you got older? That is not justification for taking money from me (money I am already saving because there is a 100% probability that I will someday die, and hope to do things to prolong the time until that event comes) and giving it to folks that did not plan as such. But when the expectation is that someone will take care of you, what incentives do people have to behave like adults. Our government health care system for seniors encourages folks to act like impatient children for their entire lives … and now the corporatist planners in DC want to expand that wonderful program to all of us.

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  1. Speedmaster says:

    Did you ever see this classic Walter Williams piece? Brilliant in its brevity and clarity.

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