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Of the 1.7 million Hybrids Toyota has sold worldwide to date, over 1.0 million of then have been purchased in the United States. I’d remind you that the US generates “only” about 25% of the world’s wealth and CO2 emissions.

2 Responses to “Fun Facts to Know and Tell”

  1. Brian Dunbar says:

    So .. we need to buy a fleet of Hybrids and send them to China?

  2. Harry says:

    Today I bought a (used 20,000-mile) Cadillac DTS with the big engine, white, like a police car. I asked the owner of the dealership whether he looks forward to selling 38MPG cars, and he quickly said, “See you tomorrow.”

    Earlier in the conversation, I learned he is a protectionist. He voted for Obama. He believes, I think, in the Keynsean multiplier, and that the stimulus is working. He dodged my questions about whether GMAC bonds would default, or how any business would be able or willing to borrow any money when the King usurps contracts.

    He’s confident that his dealership will be around, but I’m not sure he means until he sells it and retires before the CAFE standards kick in during the second Obama administration.

    I asked him about cap-and-trade, and noticed a twitch in his eyelid.

    I hope this provides some talking points for a future Wintercow lecture.

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