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The place has gone mad. Here is a quote from New York City’s assistant commissioner for tobacco control:

it can be effective to display gruesome health effects such as amputations and throat cancer

That is in response to a proposed bill requiring tobacco retailers to post gruesome anti-smoking signs. And this for a product that is voluntarily chosen. Can we make the DMV post signs about the impact on people’s sanity from having to step foot in that door, only to be treated rudely and extorted for the “privilege” of driving? Or how about posting something like this the next time you go into the voting booth or take a tour of Washington, DC? Or how about something like this at the statehouse?

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One Response to “Ok, You Gave Me Permission”

  1. Harry says:

    It must have taken some time to find the stencils to make that sign, unless the typeface was computer-generated to the plate that made that stupid sheet-fed, or even worse, ink-jet printed, poster. Reminds me of the crates being stored in the warehouse in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    Orange is OK for “No Trespassing” signs, but a wise individual once told me that you never use orange and black for a serious chart, unless you want to remind your observer of Halloween. Maybe Halloween is their thing in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    I hope this does not spoil your trip through Wintercow country.

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