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The other day I wrote a post discussing some problems with the government and popular stance on monopoly and anti-trust. Reflecting on it in the car this morning, it occurs to me how absolutely inconsistent these views are with other popularly held views. When it comes to monopoly and anti-trust, the popular arguement is pursued in the name of protecting the consumer. However, many people (especially those in government) who support anti-trust on pro-consumer grounds, are also ardent protectionists, are anti-predatory pricers and some are even anti-technology (it throws people out of work). These latter policies are most certainly NOT in the interest of consumers.

How can you be pro-consumer today, and then anti-consumer tomorrow – and then try to convince all of the voters, all of whom are consumers, that you are “fighting for them” and then manage to dupe all of them, and feel good about yourself?

I can scream at the top of my lungs that the emperor has no clothes, but it seems to do little good. What will it take for folks to call out this hypocrisy? Sadly, I do not believe anything. My hope is that rather than scream a lot, like I seem to be doing more and more, folks will simply take matters into their own hands and ignore the myriad ridiculous policies and regulations spewing from our enlightened public servants.

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